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Shared Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities

Shared Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities

LiftFamily Mosaic are working with MySafeHome to help people with long-term disabilities get into home ownership. Using Shared Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities, My Safe Home will guide applicants through the process and, if deemed eligible, refer them back to us to find a suitable home.

How to apply

In the first instance all you need to do is to contact MySafeHome Limited to check your eligibility. They're there to help you throughout your journey to home ownership.

Please do read all the eligibility criteria below before calling them to ensure you fulfil these requirements. You can contact My Safe Home on 08000 121333 or email for further information.

Eligibility criteria

The Shared Ownership mortgage itself is paid through Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) with an additional top up payment being made from your other benefits. To ensure you have sufficient income to make these payments this model can only open to people on High or Middle Rate Care Disability Living Allowance / Personal Independent Payment (DLA/PIP).

There are also a number of other qualifying criteria in place and we require you to be:

  • 18-80 years old with clean credit history and no outstanding debts
  • In receipt of DLA High or Middle Rate Care/PIP (under 60s) or Attendance Allowance (over 60s) together with other qualifying benefits 
  • Unable to work in conventional employment (under 60s only) 
  • Ideally looking to live on your own, although you can share with caution! 
  • In possession of a suitable care and support package confirmed by your social worker
  • Able to put down a deposit and pay fees associated with buying your new home - this currently costs at least £15,000 - £25,000 (including a 10% - 20% deposit on your share of the property plus getting you ready for home ownership and ensuring it's sustainable). You must also be able to contribute to your housing costs of £30 per week.



(NB: All details quoted above are correct as of March 2014 but are subject to change)