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Selling your Shared Ownership home

What happens when I sell my Shared Ownership home?

Selling a Shared Ownership (New Build Homebuy) home is known as a resale. You can sell your home at any time. If you own 100% of your property you can advertise on the open market via an Estate Agent.

SearchIf you own a share of your property, under the terms of your lease Family Mosaic has eight weeks to find a buyer for your home who meets the affordable homes criteria. We have a great deal of experience in helping people buy through Shared Ownership and although we will charge a fee for selling your property it is usually a lot less than an Estate Agent, who would normally charge a fee based on the full market value and not the share you own.

After eight weeks, if we are unable to find a buyer, you can continue marketing with us or you can sell your home through an Estate Agent, paying their fees. The buyer must meet the affordable homes requirements.

Like staircasing, the price you sell your home for will be based on the market value at the time. This will be determined by an independent RICS qualified valuer. Like any home, the value of a Shared Ownership property can rise and fall according to the housing market.

When selling your share of the home you must advise Family Mosaic in writing of your intention to sell your property. The Resident Sales team will then assist you through the process of selling your home.

How do I sell my Shared Ownership home?

Find below the first steps required to sell your Shared Ownership home. To view the full process in detail, download our helpful guide to selling a resale property.

  • Complete the "Request to sell your property" registration form.

The first step to selling your Shared Ownership home is to complete the request to sell registration form. Once completed you will be emailed details of the next steps and gain access to a login area to view your application progress in your sales status.

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  • Appoint a solicitor

Before instructing Family Mosaic to proceed it is best to select your solicitor, so that you are ready to act promptly when you receive the valuation report which is only valid for 3 months. We recommend using the solicitor who originally dealt with your purchase as they are most likely to have a lot of your details available regarding your property. If this is not possible we can assist you by providing you with a list of our client-recommended panel solicitors.

You require a solicitor to deal with the legal work associated with your mortgage and home. We always suggest:

  1. You select a solicitor who offers a fixed fee for their services
  2. You obtain a quotation before instructing your solicitor
  3. You choose a solicitor with knowledge and experience of Shared Ownership leases.
  • Arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate

The Government introduced the Home Information Pack from 14 December 2007, this was required for ALL properties being sold in England and Wales however this was subsequently withdrawn and now only an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for marketing of your property to commence. There are many companies offering this service, to find a suitable provider visit the domestic EPC register at

  •  Instruct us to sell your home

We will require certain information and documents. Once you have these, contact the Resident Sales team to arrange an appointment for a home visit. A member of the team, will visit your home and complete the paperwork required to sell your home. Whilst at the property they will take measurements of your rooms and a property description. They will also be taking photographs for use in the marketing material so please ensure your home is presentable as these pictures will be the first impression potential purchaser will have of your home. It is advisable that this appointment is undertaken in daylight as this is when the best pictures will be obtained.

Whilst at the property they will give you help and advice on how to safely show people your home and give you some useful hints and tips to get the most from viewings. By visiting the property a member of the team knows more about your home and your requirements in order to effectively market your home.

Read the next steps in selling your home here.

Frequently asked questions

  •  How can I ensure that the sale progresses as quickly as possible?

It is advisable that you allow Family Mosaic to pass your contact details on to your buyers so that you can discuss possible moving dates. It is also important to liaise with your solicitors on a regular basis so that they can progress the sale with your buyer’s solicitors. If you are buying another home, you should try and ensure this sale progresses as quickly as possible.

Once a buyer has been found and we have instructed solicitors, we will help you to progress the sale to completion.

  • When should I look for another home?

You should begin to look for another home to buy, as soon as you decide to sell. However, to avoid putting yourself under any pressure, you should not make an offer on another home until a buyer has agreed to buy your Shared Ownership home.

When you agree to buy a home, it is in your best interests to make everyone involved aware of the timescales outlined in this leaflet. Remember that you and your buyer could decide not to proceed at any time up to exchange of contracts.

  • What if I have made improvements to my home?

When you sell your home the surveyor will value the property in its current condition including all home improvements. You will sell the share you own which will be a percentage of the full market value including home improvements you have made.

Not all home improvements will increase the value of your home, but may make it easier to sell. Items such as a conservatory or high range kitchen may increase the value of your home. If you have done any major home improvements you will have needed permission from our Housing Management and Asset Management departments. If you have done this let us know and provide copies of the estimates/receipts for the work to the surveyor who will advise us if the works have increased the value of your home or not.

Contact Us

For more information on selling your Shared Ownership home take a look at our ‘guide to selling’ brochure which is available to download or contact the Resident Sales Team by email