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Posted: 29 May 2015

Family Mosaic allocations and selection policy for Shared Ownership homes

Allocating our Shared Ownership properties

At Family Mosaic we sell Shared Ownership properties to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford their own home. Our Shared Ownership schemes often generate very high demand due to the number of people who require low cost home ownership in London as property prices in the capital continue to rise beyond the means of first time buyers.

House PercentageDue to this high level of demand, we often receive several expressions of interest for every home we have available to sell. Because of this, we often refer to an allocation and selection policy that prioritises applicants who have completed an expression of interest once viewing a property. The allocation and selection policy assesses a number of factors of each applicant and works on a points based system with different criteria carrying a higher or lower points weighting.

The allocation and selection policy will vary for each Shared Ownership scheme as it is dependent on the location of the scheme and therefore the local authority who may put more or less emphasis on certain applicant criteria.

The statement will therefore be dependent on:

  • Nomination rights granted to the local authority or other sponsoring body
  • Specific conditions required as a result of planning approval
  • A list of priority categories
  • A list of selection criteria to be used to assess applicants within each priority category

How Family Mosaic prioritise Shared Ownership applicants

Check ListWhen completing an online application form on our website once you have registered your interest in a particular development, you will provide certain information that will help us firstly to determine your eligibility for Shared Ownership. We will also use the information provided to check your priority against other applicants. Applications therefore are not based on a first come first serve basis.

The information we use to prioritise applicants includes:

  • Current housing circumstances (whether you are renting privately, living with friends and family or are a current housing association or council tenant)
  • Whether an applicant lives or work in the same borough as the development (or surrounding boroughs)
  • Current economic status
  • Current income and financial commitments
  • Household size
  • Key worker/MOD staff member
  • Disability

What happens after we prioritise applicants?

Once the Family Mosaic team have completed an allocations form for each applicant, we will be able to see who has the highest priority and therefore who will have the first choice of the available homes at a selected development.

The Family Mosaic team will begin to contact the highest priority applicants to offer the available apartments and ask for a £500 reservation fee to take the property off the market. If an applicant decides they no longer wish to proceed with the reservation of a property, then it will be offered to the next person with the highest priority and so forth.

What happens if your priority is low?

For applicants who have lower priority and who have not been selected for a property, their details will be held on our database. If a property becomes available at a later date, we will be in contact with the next highest prioritised applicants so that they have the opportunity to reserve.

Speak to our team

For moreinformation on the allocation and selection policy for Family Mosaic or to discuss your own application, you can speak to our team by emailing or call us on 020 7089 1315.

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