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Shared Ownership Application Form

Applying for Shared Ownership

Check ListSo that we can ensure you and anyone you are buying a property with meet all the criteria to be eligible for Shared Ownership we need to find out a bit about you, which involves you completing a full application form. This ensures that we meet audit requirements for the government’s Shared Ownership scheme and makes sure that together we find the right property for you.

You can access the application form at any time in your log-in area. You will have a log-in area created to fill out an application form once you have registered your interest in one of our Shared Ownership properties. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out but you can save your progress at any time and come back to it later on.

If you haven’t registered yet and don’t have a log-in area, you can create one here.

When completing the full application form you will be asked questions like

  • Question MarkWhat kind of product or which development you are interested in.

  • Name and contact details so we can keep in touch about your application.

  • Other personal details that help with the eligibility criteria including employment details, financial situation, current accommodation and household type.