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Post Purchase

What happens after you've bought your Shared Ownership home

Resales IconAt Family Mosaic we know the importance of turning a house into a home. That is why we want to help make sure you settle into your new Shared Ownership property as soon as possible. We have a fantastic New Homes Team that help to make sure you know everything prior to moving in once you have completed the purchase of your new home. The New Homes Team is a dedicated service for our residents living at New Build developments in the first year of its life. Our aim is to provide our customers with a quick and responsive service, helping you to settle into your new home and become part of a friendly and rewarding community.

Initial Handover

A member of the New Homes Team will arrange to meet with you at a mutually convenient time to hand over keys to your new home as well as take you through a checklist of the property particulars. At the initial handover with the New Homes Team, you will be shown through the following for your new home where applicable:Window

Windows: shown how to operate windows, front door and patio doors.

Kitchen: shown location of smoke detector, warranties of white goods i.e cooker, fridge/freezer etc.

Ventilation System: shown how ventilation system circulates fresh air into the property and maintenance.

Communications System: shown through TV connections and given advice if Sky, Virgin or other TV services are wished to be installed. Advice on telephone connections and shown master sockets.

Heating & Hot Water: Demonstration of how thermostat and timer works on boiler and advised on service of boiler. Shown heating system through radiators and thermostatic valve. You will also be shown location of gas supply cut off and emersion heaters if applicable.

Water Meter: shown location of water meter/stopcock and advised on payment of water consumption.

Other details may be applicable dependent on the development purchased.

Further Communication

After the initial handover of your new home, you will also receive a letter after six weeks with any updates to your development as well as an evening surgery around two to three months after moving in. Here you can highlight any concerns you have with your new home with a member of the New Homes Team. Finally, you have the opportunity to meet with the New Homes Team and builders of the development after one year of its completion to discuss any defects or warranty issues with your new home.

Reporting Defects

SpannerPlease note that if any snags are found they need to be logged within two days of your moving in date to our customer care line on or call 0300 123 3456 then select option 1. Please log in all defects directly with Family Mosaic. You will then be given a reference number for each defect and a target date for putting it right. Please make a note of the defect reference number.

It is important that all defects are formally logged via the contact provided, rather than reported directly to the contractor or emailed through to the Aftercare or New Homes Team.

On the rare occasion a defect is not rectified by the target date, you can contact our Aftercare Team. They will chase the contractor on your behalf. You can also contact the Aftercare team if you are not satisfied with how a defect has been rectified by the contractor and we will try our utmost to turn it around.