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We can explain the warranty on new build

Shared Ownership Warranty

Family Mosaic are dedicated to building developments to a high standard. However, despite our ethos on high build quality, things can and may go wrong. Our brochure explains how the warranty period works and which warranty claims will and will not be accepted.

 Download our guide to warranty here:


Warranty Length

All new build Family Mosaic properties come with a warranty, usually for one year. This one year period is commonly referred to as the ‘defects liability period’. The developer of your home is responsible for rectifying specified defects that occur in your property during this year.


A defect is the name given to any problem inside your home which the developer is contractually liable to rectify under the warranty.

Examples of some commonly found defects are as follows:

A light fitting not working

Doors dropping a little from their hinges

Creaking cupboard doors

A tap coming loose

Properties Sold As Seen

Many Family Mosaic properties are ‘sold as seen’. This means that you agree to take on the property in its current decorative condition. For example, if you are purchasing a property which was once the show flat, it may contain various marks and scuffs. By agreeing to purchase the property on a sold as seen basis, these decorative items will not be accepted as a defect by the developer and as such will not be rectified.

Properties sold off plan

If you are buying a property off plan then you may not have had the chance to view the property before exchanging. However, all Family Mosaic properties do go through an extensive snagging and inspection process prior to handover.

End of defects inspections

At around the time the defects liability period expires, representatives from Family Mosaic and the developers will attend an inspection of your home. The inspection will formally log any defects that have not yet been rectified and give you a chance to point out any issues of concern.